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Concept Development

Whether you are starting from scratch or injecting new life into existing restaurants... we  create original and appropriate concepts, where food and beverage brands are brought to life through cuisine, interior design and guest experience.

Strategy & Operations

Creating strategies for new or existing restaurants and hotels to streamline operations to ensure that your business is running effectively and efficiently to deliver satisfied guests and a healthy bottom line

Project Management

The art of going from ideas to three dimensions.

 We can custom make a proposal to assist or completely manage  all or parts of your project ... from concept... to design... to construction and importantly welcoming your first guests

Business Plan Consultancy

Shaping your concepts and business through strategic and effective planning.

Successful business and financial planning is a cornerstone of a healthy company

Operations Manuals 

Think small to get big ... an effective & usable operations manual is essential to smooth operations and growth.

We can help you create this useful tool, as part of your pre-opening process or as an addition to your current operations to ensure  the continued success of your business

Pre-Opening Audits

Our Pre-Opening Audit program can not only save you significant money for owners and developers but also ensures that the operators ideas and concepts are on track, well designed, properly equipped, cost efficient in the long term and deliver the product you envisaged

Recruitment & Staff Development

Finding the perfect individual or team for your organisation, providing customised training and raising the bar on guest service and satisfaction

Management Contracts

Where interesting and challenging opportunities are available, we will undertake F&B or Hotel Management contracts.

Menu & Wine List Development

Constructing the perfect menu or beverage lists for your operation, not only through understanding of popularity and  profitability of menu items but also through trend awareness and insight

Mystery Guest

At your Secret Service ... our Mystery Guest program is designed to assess your operation from the guests perspective.

Our unique program takes into account your standards and objectives and assesses them against the reality of the operation.

An essential tool in growing and managing your business

Operations Assessment

We like to think we know our own operations best and often we do but there can still be a disconnect between what we think we are offering and what the guess is experiencing.

Our Operations Assessment is an enhanced Mystery Guest program that evaluates your performance matched against your standards.

Brainstorming Seminars

Sometimes we all need a little help with getting focused or started along the right path. Our Brainstorming Seminars are the answer ... we create an environment and facilitate  you and your team to find the right ideas and solutions. Whether starting a new project or adding new life to an existing project this approach works wonders

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