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Mystery Guest 

Mystery Guest shopping is an extremely valuable tool when properly executed. Most Mystery Guest programs judge your operation against their own, or a perceived industry, set of standards and preconceptions .... our program judges your operation against your own set of standards, goals and ideals.


Before completing a Mystery Guest program we first ascertain from you, the owner or the operator, a clear set of your ideals, standards, concepts  and perceptions ... only then do we make a secret visit to the establishment. 

We then furnish you with a complete report of our experience first solely from the guests perspective ... then with a view to aligning that actual guest experience with the planned experience. Finally, if and when that experience is not aligned we provide you with insights based on our years of operational experience as to how you might try to realign the reality to match your stated goals.

"The customer’s perception is your reality" .... chinese proverb
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