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A Business Plan start with Vision and Strategy

What makes your company unique? What are your core competencies? What kind of market presence do you want? Define your productYour vision will provide the answers to these questions – it describes how your company sees itself moving forward, and points the way toward the future. It is also the starting point for developing your strategy and defining your specific goals as well as the steps to achieve them. These elements form the basis of the business plans.

Why Is a Business Plan Necessary?

A business plan sets out systematically and clearly how your business idea will be implemented, what resources will be required, and what results can be expected by when. It is an essential planning tool for acquiring future business partners such as investors, employees, suppliers or banks. Business Plans are not just for new start ups, they are also integral in developing strategies for growth and development of ongoing businesses.

How Can We Help ?

We can help you formulate a Business Plan from scratch or review and advise on current Business Plans that you have. Our philosophy has always been "if you do not need it then do not waste your time on it". So many Business Plans, like Operations Manuals, are written because it is the "thing to do" without an understanding of the "why". We can help you not only build a Business Plan that will become an essential tool in your decision making but also advise you on how to use the Business Plan to maximise its value. 

"Efforts and courage are not enough if without purpose and direction" .... john f kennedy
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