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"Problems are difficult to solve at the level they are created, sometimes a fresh perspective can make all the difference" .... albert einstein

Pre-Opening Audit

It is only natural that miscalculations are made in building any process. The planning and delivery of a new hotel or restaurant has thousands of details, both small and large.  All of this must be thought through, for example even small errors in design flow can result in thousands of extra dollars in wages costs annually. Many new projects years after opening have store rooms of unused equipment in the basement.

Our unique Pre-Opening Audit is designed to bring a fresh perspective to your plans. We analyse your designs.. concepts ... work flows... FF&E orders... and match them against your vision and goals. We look with a fresh set of eyes and mindset to ensure that your project is optimised. This process can significantly reduce set up costs and most importantly ensure that your ongoing running costs are minimised through correct design, labour saving equipment and optimised work flows. 

Contact us to discuss how this process can benefit your project

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