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Operations Manuals

One of the single most important things you can do is to create clear and useful Operational Manuals for your business. Not the sort that just sit on the shelf gathering dust but a real tool that can be the key to a smoothly running business. Good manuals provide consistency to your customers and to your staff and, once written, will always be there as the base line to refer to in times of indecision.

We help you create Operation Manuals that are for all areas of your business. The goal of a great manual is that it should be a true reflection of the base line of your business as it stands today .... always a work in progress as your business adapts and grows.

For a new business or operation we recommend that the Operations Manuals are started as part of your Concept Development and Business Plan. Using our templates for Manuals across all areas of food and beverage operations we are able to build the base line from where you can make your operational decisions. As the project grows you you complete the manuals, filling in the details, building a written basis for the operations. 

Once the business is up and running it is easy to adjust the Operations Manuals to the reality and then you are set. A good set of Operational Manuals enable your managers and employees to be clear on all standards and procedures of your business. It becomes an essential training tool and is invaluable to new team members joining your organisation.

If your business is already operating then building a set of Operations Manuals is essential to documenting and clarifying your business. It gives you an opportunity while building the manuals to review all aspects of your business and adjust where necessary to improve the operational efficiencies. 

Completing a full set of useful, user-friendly Operations Manuals is a significant task but like any long journey it starts with one step forward. Let us take that step forward with you and create with, or for you, a valuable asset to your business. 

"Start with good people, lay out the rules clearly, communicate with your team, motivate and reward them... do all that and you cannot miss" .... lee iacocca
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